Introducing ARTHOUSE Meath

From huge original bright prints and paintings to hand printed fun cards, designer homeware and gifts, many of the sentiments expressed in the creative works are as imaginative as they are honest. Each of the artists suffers from Epilepsy, learning or physical difficulties. That’s right, every single painter, writer and creator lives with a form of the condition. And that is what ARTHOUSE Meath is also about; driving a positive change in attitude towards the abilities of those who live with the condition, giving them a sense of purpose and integration. 

ARTHOUSE artist Amy said ‘ARTHOUSE has given me my independence back. It helped me believe that I could do things on my own. I never thought that I would be able to make my bed or cook but now I’m drawing and selling my own artwork.’ 

ARTHOUSE Meath artists have also worked with fantastic high street brands such as Lush and high profile boutique florist Scarlet & Violet, to create unique packaging and products which really make a statement in showing what ARTHOUSE Meath is all about. 

Becky Sheridiah, Founder of ARTHOUSE Meath is enthusiastic about the growth of the business, stating ‘Ultimately, my vision for ARTHOUSE Meath is to be a household name; for people to start to realise that even if they buy just one mug, one T-shirt, one painting, that they are accepting adults with learning difficulties into their lives. It’s the first step. The first bit. And then it goes from there.’ 

Currently with one shop in Surrey as well as a successful online trade, each artist is supported by ARTHOUSE Meath, with 100% of the sales revenue sustaining this incredible business. Meet our artists and see some of the amazing designs and creations at

ARTHOUSE Meath artists Elanor Sinden, Ben Kennedy and Louise Palmer

ARTHOUSE Meath artists Elanor Sinden, Ben Kennedy and Louise Palmer