Introducing Elvang - The New Elegant Scarf Collection

Milan - a new elegant scarf collection in the most fantastic mix of baby alpaca wool and silk In recent years Elvang has extended their scarf collection and for this season they introduce the Milan scarf. 

Milan is feminine and with a light feel texture. The delicate scarf is woven in a wonderful mix of baby alpaca wool and silk and is absolutely magnificent. 


The scarf offers a feeling of luxury and is incredible comfortable to wear next to your skin. With the warmth and isolating qualities of the alpaca wool and the temperated softness of the silk, Milan is not only beautiful to look at, but offers warmth on chilly days and cools you down on warm days. 

Ideal qualities for the lovely spring and summer nights that awaits us. Cosy moments with family and friends in the garden or on the balcony is as Scandinavian as it gets: cosiness and long bright evenings.

Milan has fine eyelash fringes that provide a simple, light expression with a beautiful feeling of density and warmth, as each fringe is slender and airy. With its square shape Milan is easy to style. 

Elvang were the first company to introduce the luxury quality of alpaca throws to Scandinavia 16 years ago. Tina and Lasse, the couple behind Elvang, took the first alpaca throws with them from their backpacking trip to Peru. Elvangs's products are now sold throughout most of the world. The company is known for its high level of integrity in relation to suppliers, collaborators and customers and their products are valued highly for good quality and Scandinavian aesthetics. Elvang is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) as one of the few companies in Denmark.