Introducing IzziRainey Homeware and Interiors Products

IzziRainey is a Norfolk-based company established in 2014 by friends Izzi Rainey and Lara Mullis and we were immediately struck by their bright and cheerful products. Just what we need on a dull, dreary January day.

zzi's prints, are based on the culmination of the unexpected colour found on her family’s farm combined with the bold and textural shapes which have always surrounded her in the agricultural environment on the farm in Norfolk. This is now the location of hers and Lara's office and studio, where the changing seasons and farm activity provide continual inspiration for their evolving business.

In fact, all IzziRainey products combine a distinct and edgy nature, which means that they work just as well in a cool country house as they do in a contemporary urban setting. The designs start on paper using a wealth of hand-based techniques and then transformed onto fabric using digital printing.

And we love their latest collaboration with Norfolk furniture designer, Curzon and Co, in which they have combined their eye-catching fabrics to produce a pair of iconic bespoke stools with Curzon and Co’s high quality craftsmanship. 

‘We are so excited that we have been able to work with another designer that shares the same passions as us for British design and manufacturing. To see our fabric used on furniture, our lifestyle range expand and to be working so closely with another Norfolk craftsmen has just been fantastic.’- Lara and Izzi.