Introducing New Ceramic Brand | Sunnju

We’re pleased to introduce Sunnju to you, a new concept which exemplifies the rituals in tea and coffee making launching this Autumn 2018! Specialising in ceramic, glassware and titanium vessels which are artisanally produced in east Asia and designed for considered tea and coffee consumption.

Sunnju introduces a nostalgic yet current design into their ceramics range. Combining unique pattern with hand pressed ceramics, this delightful glazed stoneware collection will bring playful, contemporary design to your morning cup of tea or coffee, Using a speckled affect that has been popular in the architectural design, each piece has its own unique personality that brings their minimalist look to life.


Sunnju also introduces their painterly ceramics featuring pretty imperfections, imperfections and naturally inspired hues. The calming colours in these eye catching yet resilent designs fit perfectly with the relaxing routine of making tea and coffee


Sunnju launching in Autumn 2018.