Introducing Richard Lowry And His Slant Table & Chair

Richard Lowry is a furniture designer from London. He was taught to make things as a boy by his grandfather - the third in the line of family boat builders “Broom Boats” (Britain’s oldest boat builder). Working for several years as a cabinetmaker making bespoke luxury furniture for private and commercial clients, he became interested in the relationship between furniture and art. He produces unique sculptural pieces in his South London workshop using the highest quality materials and craft techniques, experimenting extensively, and constantly testing assumptions about what furniture and art should be.

Richard Lowry_Slant chair_angle2_web.jpg

Inspired by contrapposto in classical sculpture, Richard Lowry’s Slant table and chair use angular and asymmetrical compositions to create a sense of movement. Challenging the use of conventional components, doing away with ‘legs’ altogether, these works focus on retaining their ultimate function while exploring sculptural forms.

Richard Lowry_Slant chair_and_table_web.jpg

The Slant pieces are made in limited editions, each one hand crafted and hand finished by Richard. The Slant chair is in available in an edition of eight, the table in an edition of ten and all pieces are signed and numbered.

Richard Lowry_Slant table_side_web.jpg

Both pieces of furniture are hand made by Lowry in his London studio. Richard first learnt how to work with wood with his Grandfather, a successful boat builder. Working on bespoke furniture commissions, Lowry has a refined understanding of wood as a medium and material.

For his Slant pieces he has used Black Walnut and Maple, two contrasting woods, to articulate and highlight the different angles and planes of the works.

Richard Lowry_Slant table_web.jpg