Introducing The Cotton Poet

The Cotton Poet is a newly launched homeware line, bringing luxury to the home with a poetic twist. Founded by Zosia McCaffrey in 2018, from her love of a beautiful and classically dressed home, The Cotton Poet offers a range of beautiful crisp bed linens, snuggly blankets, soft bed throws and fresh candles, all carefully designed to complement one another in the home. 

The name ‘The Cotton Poet’ comes from the signature message on the reverse of the pillowcases. These are all timeless phrases from literature such as a goodnight message or a positive note. 

The Cotton Poet’s inaugural collection ‘The Classic' features cotton sateen sheets with a delicate double cord stitching available in 9 colours (navy, Provence blue, fuchsia, blush, sunflower, gold, mink, platinum and dove) with throws and blankets designed to complement the linen. This Classic collection’s signature message features the quote: ‘To sleep, perchance to dream’ from Shakespeare’s Hamlet on the pillowcases. A reminder to enjoy the experience of sleep and the importance of dreaming. 

‘The Classic’ and further lines to come, are all designed with the concept of clean lines, which allows customers to choose from a matching full set or the flexibility to mix combinations. A chance to mix and match and the opportunity to be creative. 

To accompany the bed linen The Cotton Poet have designed gorgeous bed throws and blankets. Made from 100% cotton, the throws and blankets offer complementary detail and a luxury texture to the classic bedding. Ideal for placing over the foot of the bed for a classic finish, over the full length of the bed to channel a relaxed look or for snuggling up with on the sofa, for a relaxing and comfortable evening. The throws compliment the signature candles perfuming the room with the fresh and clean scents of white tea and wisteria. 

The Cotton Poet is the perfect addition to every home, creating a luxurious environment for ultimate relaxation.

The Cotton Poet - Alice’s Choice .jpg
The Cotton Poet - Bed End - Henham Provence Blue.jpeg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collectio -  Provence Blue Fucshia Navy Nigel Dog.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collection - Dove Mink Platinum with glasses.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Classic Collection - Fucshia Blush Dove.jpg
The Cotton Poet - Spring Morning - Provence Blue.jpg