Introducing The Magic Flower Company

Not just any old flowers. These flowers are magic. 100% real flowers that are preserved so that they will last for at least a year in your home, and introduce a little magic to your everyday. And we could all do with some of that.

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The Magic Flower Company has a vast and ever-growing collection that includes high quality single stems and more elaborate bouquet designs. Each individual flower or stem of foliage is preserved with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that the natural beauty will endure as time passes.

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All of the flowers are grown in optimum conditions on the equator and harvested at their peak, the flowers are then delicately preserved through a process that sees the natural sap replaced with an entirely harmless glycerine-based solution and the colour of the petals softly and sympathetically enhanced with organic dyes. Genius!

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Meaning that they will not alter in shape or colour for many months or even years. From the classically beautiful Rose to sprigs of Lavender and effortlessly elegant Eucalyptus, The Magic Flower Company collection can be ordered and bought online, with beautifully designed bouquets and custom arrangements available alongside the single stems for an enduring floral statement in your home.

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And we're telling you just in time for Mother's Day. Don't forget!

Single stems start from Β£6.45 from The Magic Flower Company.