Jaime Beriestain Studio Apartment In Barcelona

One of Jaime Beriestain's latest project is the complete transformation of this gorgeous third floor flat in Sant Gervasi, Barcelona. Comprising of 360m2, the flat got a complete overhaul as its original state was from the 1980´s. 

Concept: Haussmann, Axis of Symmetry

The initial concept of Jaime Beriestain was to create a nobel flat at a Parisien Haussmann style. A flat built to live, following the traditional codes, with clearly differentiated zones: the socializing zone (the líving room, the dinning room, the terrace) and also the private zones (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc), with a service entrance added. In order to introduce this style, 20cm high sockets were created, moldings on walls and ceilings, capitals on door frames and double doors opening. 

The entrance hall has been the starting point for creating floor shafts and getting a symmetry. The new layout allows to have a neat flat, taking advantage of each volume and allows a pleasant tour throughout the whole apartment. 

The main axis that divides the floor allows a double exposure. Instead of hiding the distribution corridors, they have been given more importance and space. The corridors were decorated with Art pieces and they have unusual volumes. The different doors create divisions, allowing to segment the flat and to have more privacy. 

“The result is a timeless, sophisticated and warm flat that we could imagine in Paris or London” says Jaime Beriestain. 


White Venato marble for the bathrooms to give was used to give a “timeless” touch.  "I have chosen every marble in the Taller D'En Pich to get the best streaks and colors for the works on this flat" explains Jaime Beriestain. 

Obsessed with the details, Jaime Beriestain ordered the structure of the sink (of his own design) to be specially bathed in 18 karat gold so that it had exactly the same color as the faucet. The sink itself was created in one piece of marble, sculpted with numerical control. 

The sliding bathroom doors have a different finishing on each side. On the outside, it recomposes the general finishing of the flat while the interior face has the same finishing as the bathroom. This creates the illusion of an infinite line of mirrors, when the doors are closed facing on an axis. 

The pavement has been worked on marble mixed with Bisazza gold mosaic, with a certain complexity of installation by circular cuts. 

Main Bedroom

Colour palette that was used was "duck egg" (green, white, blue greys) to bring a sense of calmness and warmth. 

Girl's Bedroom

Here feminine colours were used to create a  soft and sweet ambience, comparing it to "a box of macarons" says Jaime Beriestain. 


Jaime Beriestain has focussed on a kitchen that has an exclusive and sophisticated finishing like the rest of the flat. The island in the center is out of scale and oversized to create a meeting place that Beriestain has conceptualized as a Family Room to spend time both in family and among friends. The overall is made of the resistant Portobello granite, adapted to the use of a kitchen. 

The wall cladding of the water area is made of handcraft tiles in different white tones to add character, and at the same time, respecting the traditional codes of a kitchen. 

The wooden panels and the reinterpretation of the traditional French cabochon of the ground recreates this inspiration of Parisian Haussmann flat, with a touch of modernity. The decorative beams give a familiar and welcoming touch. The custom furniture is made of Canadian pine. 

Living Room

There are two areas in the same space and a large carpet to join the two areas and give continuity to the living room. Jaime Beriestain, very concerned about the proportions and the control of the colours, has designed special measurements furniture for this immense room where it loses its proportions. 

With his exclusive designs, Jaime Beriestain has managed to respect the colors he imagined precisely in his initial concept. In the living room the range of colours is tone over tone of shades of grey. 

The Reading Corner

A large L-shaped sofa has been placed here to privilege family moments, and two renowned pieces of design, Jeanneret armchairs of the Miquel Alzueta Gallery add history to this corner.  

Dining Room

The table is a design by Jaime Beriestain. The veins of the walnut wood have been worked to create a sense of movement and modernity. The base is ribbed travertine, with the pores sealed in gold leaf.  The proportion of the table was specially corrected to adapt it to the peculiar height of the Knoll of Platner´s chairs, the hanging lamp type Sputnik, works as a sculpture and fills in the volume. 

On top of the table, we find a sculpture in green shades of Blue Earth that, thanks to its sinuous shapes brings warmth and sophistication to the space. In turn, it has a double function: to be decorative or to create an original centerpiece for dinners with friends 


It is comfortable and trendy. It is designed for family gatherings in spring and summer. It is a continuity of the dining room where diners can extend meals or dinners. 

Entrance Hall

The hall is the introduction to all the concepts of the interior design developed on the whole flat: symmetry, Art relevance, proportions control, circulation axes, Haussmann style. 

"I chose the appliques because they were sculptural and off-scale," says Jaime Beriestain.