Keeping up - Top Garden Trends in 2019

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Whether you’re planning on redesigning your garden from top to bottom or simply wish to give it a new look, you have to keep up with the newest trends. From stone walls to garden zoning, I’ve put together a list that will make things so much easier for you!

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Hideaways for grownups

One of the main garden trends in 2019 are summerhouses turned into gorgeous dedicated corners in your garden. You can let your imagination run wild and turn your summerhouse into whatever you want – a she shed, a man cave, a play corner for your children, a meditation spot for yoga, a reading nook, or just a place where you entertain friends during the hot summer months.

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Hydrangea beauty

The idea behind this gardening trend that has been sweeping 2019 is that more and more gardeners are making safe, conscious decisions that involve planting local flowers rather than exotic ones. And hydrangeas are the number one choice!

Of course, you can mix and match your lovely garden flowers and plant lavender, magnolia, primroses, begonias, and geraniums as well.

Stone walls

This is a trend that came to us right from the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show. Stone walls are super easy to incorporate in any garden because they have such an organic feel to them. You can pretend like the wall has been in your garden all along!

You can even turn it into a bit of a DIY project and take a hammer to it. Create a few patterns and pit marks that will have it look like it has a patina or it is weather worn. For a dramatic look, you can allow poison ivy or honey suckle to grow all over it.

Garden zoning

If you’re not zoning, you’re not doing it right! This seems to be the main idea in 2019. But what does this mean? Simply using dividers such as steel panels, for example, to create spaces and zones in your garden that will serve different purposes.

One can be used for growing plants and flowers, one for vegetables and herbs, one for dining, one for your kids to play and another as a storage space. This will allow you to use the space you have to the max as well as protect it.

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Conscious gardening

I’ve already touched up on this one a little when detailing hydrangeas. Conscious gardening has seen a rapid growth this year as more and more people are starting to pay attention to the environment as well as the weather when they garden.

The climate is changing and the weather is getting hotter by the minute. As a consequence, you will need to start planting flowers and shrubs that can resist the heat and long periods of drought. The same goes for irrigation which is now seen as wasteful. Go for flowers that don’t require that much water!