Koko Kids Wall Stickers

With the arrival of a bundle of joy and with that bundle getting bigger by the day, my initial newborn baby bedroom design was in need of an update. I tend to use neutral colour palettes on most of my designs, whether they be for adults or children, so I wanted something to accent the room but not overpower it, which is where I came across Koko Kids designs.

Koko Kids provide designs that appeal to both children and adults, it’s nicer to have something non-garish when you might be spending a lot of time in the nursery.I believe that a nursery should be designed visually around the parents as well as the baby.

We went for the winter branch with stars sticker which is in soft greys, and thought it would go perfectly over the cot, like a 2D mobile. Along with this we accented the room with pinks which go beautifully with the greys. The range is suitable for babies, toddlers, even up to teenagers. I would even be tempted by the moon sticker or the cherry blossom for myself.

The stickers can be removed and reused over and over and contain no phthalates unlike vinyl wall stickers. I’ve had wall stickers before, which over time begin to peel off the walls and they’re certainly not moveable, whereas this sticker has survived a room move and been on the wall for over half a year now.

What I love most about these is that they are original designs sketched by hand in a Brighton studio, it’s clear that they know which designs appeal to children but also to design conscious parents.

Website: http://kokokids.com/

Elizabeth Danon is an interior designer with a passion for integrating vintage pieces into modern interiors. She works at a London based architects practice and in her spare time writes about all things interior design; from luxury spas and lighting to floral arrangements and local artists.