Let There Be Lights At Christmas

Where would Christmas be without the twinkling magic of candles and fairylights? They can make even the dullest of corners come alive, and make every room look festive for the holidays. And it’s easier than ever now to put lights and candles all around the home with the popularity of battery operated lights. Which of course means no trailing wires and no fire hazards from candles.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (2).jpg

Living Room

The tree is the obvious place to adorn with fairy lights but don’t forget other focal points too. A fireplace can look lovely even unlit with a mantle strewn with evergreen foliage and battery operated lights. Add a mass of battery candles on the hearth too for a lovely welcoming warmth.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (1).jpg

Dining Table

Create a table centrepiece with more foliage, candles, and lots of lovely battery operated tea-lights. Remember that lights at different heights will look more interesting, and these candles will burn long after real candles have burnt out.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (3).jpg

Dining Room

Don’t limit the lights to the dining table in the dining room. You can also add wall lights or trail fairy lights around the window too.

Let There Be Lights At Christmas (4).jpg

The Hall

And don’t forget a very warm welcome for your guests too.

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