Life of a Taxidermy Collector: Meet Suzette Field

This is an advertorial feature for Safestore.

It is a quirky concept, making a stand against the minimal lifestyle and interior trend that so many of us are adopting. Safestore, Self Storage is celebrating unique collections and the power of preservation in a brand new video series which, in part, showcases London based Suzette Field’s extensive taxidermy collection.

It is definitely an eclectic mix, from elegant swans to imposing game heads, Suzette’s collection contains specimens from a variety of eras and countries - all ethically sourced, of course.  Adorning her London home with preserved animal oddities, her fascination stems from a drive to curate Mother Nature’s beautiful work. 

However aside from the aesthetic qualities, taxidermy also serves historical purposes as it has a central role in the scientific understanding of evolution.  Scientists in the past, present and future will been able to study preserved animals from a variety of populations, and specimens become particularly important when the population has become extinct.

“Collecting ‘stuff’ is a way of preserving the past for future generations – I guess you could say that a taxidermy collection is a very literal translation of that” says Dave Cox, Marketing Director.

“We’re championing collections like this because lifestyle magazines and bloggers seem to have an idea that minimalist is best”, Mr Cox goes on to say.  “But we’re reacting against the notion that to be happy, you need to live in a white, pristine, minimalist box.  We’re championing stuff, because stuff is great”.

So whether you are a fan of taxidermy or not, you cannot deny that it is indeed intriguing and quirky with a totally individual flair. A trend that is here to stay.

What the video here of the extraordinary take on Suzette Field's passion for her taxidermy collection.