Live To Paint Collection By Dana Finnigan

Dana Finnigan is delighted to present her latest surface pattern collection: 'Live to Paint' inspired by Dutch Abstract Expressionism, in particular the work of Willem de Kooning and the changing seasons of the year in Low Countries.

Dana Finnigan’s first introduction to the design world was during her time in Belgium as an exchange student. Following the exchange programme, Dana began working in a vintage clothing store in the heart of the fashion district where her passion for design began.

The collection consists of six designs. These include . . . 

Aquarel Zomer – Translates to Watercolour Summer which summons the heat and thunder storms that she experienced in her youth living in Belgium.

Lente – is the Spring and the explosion of colour the season gifts unto the world.

Olievlekken - The delicate Oil Slicks created by light reflections in puddles on pavements and canals. 

Penseelstreken – Brushstrokes are fragments of colour popping out from between the turning of traditional Windmolen.

Regen – Rain that comes in sideways during winter on the flat plains of land.

Vlekken – Conjuring the feeling of Winter and smudges created from scraping ice off your car windshield or the snow that was once delight but now a struggle as you need to walk through the sludge to work; when all you want is to be inside and ‘gezellig'.

The collection covers a range of products including wallpaper and fabrics and will launch in September for the London Design Festival.