Living Walls: Vertical Garden Murals That Blend The Outdoors In

Lush living walls are cropping up around a few lucky cities, with vertical garden projects such as L’Oasis D’Aboukir and Musée du Quai Branly making a mark on architecture and offering the image of nature reclaiming the Earth, with greenery crawling up the sides of manmade structures.

Plant life decor is at the height of popularity in interior design, as finding ways to bring all things botanical to life within the home blossoms as a growing trend. This new collection of Living Wall murals allows for an immersive, visual vertical garden experience within the home, going beyond potted plants and forming a blur between your interior and exterior environments.


Environmentally Friendly Design

To celebrate the fact that all of their products are now created using environmentally friendly water-based inks and British paper sourced from FSC regulated forests, MuralsWallpaper have released a mural collection that meets our modern-day desire to re-establish a relationship with nature.


Give a room some greenhouse style with walls that are alive with overgrown beauty, and make a small space feel more breathable. Partner a Living Wall mural with scatterings of living greenery to create an oasis escape with this indoor-to-outdoor transition decor. 


Vertical lifestyle shot in collaboration with Ercol, featuring pieces: Teramo Small Dining Table and Butterfly Chair.