Location, Location, Location

Do you ever wonder where magazines find those impossibly gorgeous houses they use for their photo-shoots?

You know the ones I mean? The grand Downton Abbeyesqe period homes with ornate fireplaces and tall graceful windows. The ones where modern furniture is arranged tastefully against all of the rococo embellishments.

And then there are the warehouses with bare brick walls and rusting metal beams. Vast expanses of vintage flooring and soaring ceilings. Those are the ones that are perfect for the juxtaposition of tarnished and lush. Rust and velvets. Rivets and crystal droplets.

Or maybe your imagination is piqued by modern kitchens. Volumes of stainless steel, sharp as a pin LED lighting and an absence of human occupation. Maybe you yourself would like to take all of that perfection and dress it with retro china and a jungle of plants?

Well, I'm going to let the secret out.

Those in the know go to a location agency where you can find a whole library of houses, gardens, apartments, warehouses, bars, and even summerhouses and caravans if that is what you need. It's like shopping for a new house without the hassle of estate agents and banks and moving. The only trouble is you have to give it back!

All locations featured are exclusive to 1st Option.