Loft Living in London

This stunning apartment in the emblematic Tapestry Building near London's Liverpool Street Station has recently been completely renovated by LUV Architecture & Design.

This original construction was built between 1771 and 1778 by the East India Company and was used as a warehouse to store goods imported from Asia. The new owner, a London jeweller, commissioned the architects to transform one of the apartments into a unique and exclusive home focusing on his own style and the needs of contemporary life.

The apartment has two bedrooms, a large open space reception area for visitors, a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen and a jewellery showroom. Now, not every home has one of those. 
The wooden ceilings and metal columns have been kept in order to respect the industrial past of this 200-year-old building and the interior design has taken into great consideration the building's original materials. The flooring is varnished Austrian oak, exclusively developed by LUV, and its dark shades of brown offset the white walls and ceramic finishes.

The furniture and fabrics have been tailor-made for the owner, although other selected brand products have also been used to emphasize the customer's lifestyle.

In the bathrooms and kitchen, Italian marble and solid walnut have been used.

And as a final flourish, varnish and thermo-lacquered glass were used on the most prominent pieces of furniture, to add subtle shine. Just as you would expect on jewels.

LUV Architecture & Design is an international company based in Barcelona. From the very beginning, LUV’s philosophy has been based on a quest for excellence, searching for absolute customer satisfaction by involving them in all stages of design and construction. This is how they create spaces that mirror their client's lifestyles.
Their somewhat atypical work philosophy involves a holistic approach. As Christian Sintes (founder & CEO) explains, we cannot concentrate on just one part of the project if we want our designs to improve people's lives. It would be like cooking a dish with half of the ingredients.