Make a Splash with Penelope Hope Cushions

We have it on good authority that the mercury is set to rise next week. And what better way to celebrate the real start of summer with some jolly new cushions that will call to mind days by the ocean and salty sea breezes.

The ‘Splash’ cushions by British brand Penelope Hope, dissect coastal colours and reflect the way the light falls on the tide. Designed by founder Nadia Newton, these striking  cushions are inspired by the spring tides crashing over coastal sea walls in her island home of Guernsey.

This design started life as an acrylic ink painting by Nadia, and each cushion comes filled with a plump feather insert, identical printed reverse and thin blue piping. Available in two different sizes, 45cm x 45cm (18" x 18") and 60cm x 60cm (24" x 24"), the smaller cushion is perfect for perking up a sofa for summer, while the larger works wonders as an ornamental bed cushion or as extra floor seating for party guests!

Prices: 60 x 60cm, £125. 45 x 45cm, £95.