Make Life Easier with a Stiltz Home Lift

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For homeowners who are starting to find stairs a challenge, but love their home and do not want to move or downsize, Stiltz Home Lifts offer access to all areas of the home with a unique range of ‘through the floor’ domestic lifts.

The Stiltz Home Lift has been designed to make life easier by providing a discreet and practical alternative to using the stairs making it much simpler to move around the house - all at the touch of a button.

Unlike old-fashioned stairlifts, a lift can transport passengers from floor to floor in under 30 seconds, does not block up the stairs, is whisper quiet, and the larger lift accommodates a full-sized wheelchair.


Who can a Stiltz Home Lift help?

A home lift is ideal for any who has mobility issues stemming from an operation, accident or illness, who is asthmatic, suffers from a heart condition, or any other issue that means taking the stairs are a challenge. A Stiltz home lift is a safe, comfortable and stylish way to independently travel between floors.

How does a Stiltz Home Lift work?

With an intelligent, modular design the award-winning Stiltz Home Lift fits into almost any location in the home and is entirely self-supporting, so no load bearing walls are needed. The only work required is creation of a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through between floors, and if you install one in the turn of the stairs, not even a ceiling aperture will be needed. The Stiltz home lifts are powered by a super-efficient, self-contained motor and plugs straight into a normal mains power socket – just like any household appliance.


Which Stiltz Home Lifts do you offer?

The Stiltz range is available in two models: the two-person Stiltz Duo+ Home Lift and the new wheelchair-accessible, three-person Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift which includes a gently-angled integral ramp for easier wheelchair access.

The solid-sided, entry-level Duo and Trio Classic models feature a unique thru-car option allowing users to enter into through one side of the lift on the ground level and leave from the other side once it has reached the upper floor.

What features does a Stiltz Home Lift include?

Travelling between floors on easy-glide rails in under 30 seconds, the Stiltz Home Lift is elegantly curved with a clear car body. It is designed in a stylish pale grey finish with internal lighting making it safe to travel in day or night.

It is packed with safety features including multiple sensors so everyone remains safe, an in-car control panel with hold-to-run controls and two remote control handsets to call the lift at any time. An optional seat is available.

Where can a Stiltz Home Lift be installed?

The Stiltz Home Lift is so versatile it can be installed from hallway to landing, living room to main bedroom or, for total discretion, cupboard space to cupboard space. It can even fit in the void of a turning staircase or take pride of place in the centre of a room or entrance hallway.

How do I arrange an installation?

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