Make Space, Go Vertical

When you think of home heating, chances are you’ll have an image of a dreary white metal box in your mind. There it sits under the window, forlorn and uninspiring, not really injecting anything but warmth into your room.

But hold that thought for just a second.

Modern home heating is a far cry from the boring, bland and dull panel radiators that you might be thinking of.

Nowadays you can transform your home heating with a radiator that makes a statement, one that’s sure to set the tongues of your family and friends wagging faster than the tail of an over-excited Spaniel.

A Vertical Designer Radiator.

It doesn’t matter if you have a period property or a home filled with modern conveniences, a vertical designer radiator is a fantastic and stylish alternative to the boring convector radiators that you normally find in homes up and down the country.

Anyone with an eye for detail can see that alongside any expensive furniture, wallpaper and flooring, a tired looking panel radiator just doesn’t cut the design mustard. That’s where a sleek designer radiator can make all of the difference.

Traditionally, you would expect to see a radiator under a window, in what many would consider to be ‘dead space’ – you aren’t going to put furniture up against or underneath a window are you?

But with the rise in popularity of vertical designer radiators, more and more people are beginning to take the decision to make a style statement with their home heating and invest in a designer radiator.

From traditionally styled column radiators - that can enhance the look and feel of a period property - to the slender space-saving style of the more modern designs, a vertical designer radiator is an unusual and unique way of bringing together functionality and designer flair.

While still providing the same heat output as the less attractive convector radiators, the Best Heating range of vertical designer radiators offers heating solutions that allow the user to truly transform a space.

With a range of colours, styles and outputs available, when it comes to choosing how you want to keep warm, you are no longer limited to the boring mediocrity of white convector radiators.

With black, white, chrome and the incredibly popular anthracite range available, there’s a selection of options that mean you can enhance the décor you already have, or base everything around a striking new radiator that holds its own in the design stakes.

The choice is yours!

Another fantastic benefit of modern designer radiators is that they can be converted into an electric alternative - so if you need to heat a space that isn’t plumbed in to your central heating system, like a conservatory, kitchen extension or perhaps even a sexy man cave (garden shed), you can install a plug in version filled with an organic heating compound called Glycol and create and electric designer radiator.

So there isn’t anywhere that a designer radiator can’t reach.

To discover the full range of vertical, horizontal and electric designer radiators available, pay a visit to, make your home heating stand out and make a sleek designer statement.

Go on, make space and go vertical!