Make Your Own Window Blinds!

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Decoshaker is the current rising star of custom window blinds. This concept has never been so fashionable as it is nowadays. Loved by the creative and extravagant people, adored by the home designers and living its golden age. It is portrayed as a sign of modernism and high standard. Decoshaker window blinds wanted by all and most importantly afforded by all!

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You can get the luxury you have always dreamed about only in a few mouse clicks and enjoy the result for ages. It has never been easier to create something so extraordinary as it is now.  Decoshaker allows every single customer to design their blinds and add this specific element of self-gratification to their home.

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How can you make your own blinds?

It is an effortless process! Just upload your beloved photo, set the measurements and Decoshaker will do everything for you. This opportunity finally allows you to enjoy the old family photo which you love so much. You can put it on your window and admire the wonderful timeless image that got stuck in a happy moment.

Moreover, if you are an animal lover and your pet has an Instagram page you probably want to demonstrate the beauty of your pet proudly. What is a better and more unique place than window blinds with your pet on them? Your pet could become a new star on your window, and all the guests' breath would be taken away after they’ll see it.

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Most importantly, anyone and everything can become your window blinds! If you are a lover of art, pets, flowers, Star Wars, Game of Thrones or anything else you can think of. All of it can become a real dream come true on your window shades.

Besides, custom blinds can be adapted to any window, balcony door or other open space, including the non-standard areas.

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Unique Decoshaker blinds

The unique concept of Decoshaker vertical and roller window blinds will allow you to indulge the comfort of your home. The beautiful design which you can create yourself will elevate the home decor and attract the attention of every human who enters your home.

Allow yourself to have a gorgeous decor makeover with our exclusive high-quality window blinds. Your designed shades will be a stunning addition to the warmth and comfort of your home. Where you can relax and forget about the outside stress and negative emotions.

Manufactured to the highest technical standard Decoshaker window blinds will delight your eyes for numerous years without interference.