Making Rugs Work in the Metropolis

We all love a visit to the city, from time to time - seeing the sights, trying new things, and generally getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all.

However, when you live in the city, and the hustle and bustle is a pretty constant part of your life, it can quickly turn into stress - which it’s why it’s so important that your home is as calming a place for you as can be.

Rugs are incredibly useful tools to fit that purpose - helping you, in a variety of ways, to achieve that characterful and freeing atmosphere you’re aspiring to. Here’s just a few suggestions.

Use them to maximise your existing space.

When picking your apartment or studio flat in a built-up urban setting, you’ll discover that space is a luxury - one that many city inhabitants have to forego. While this is not necessarily an issue practically, it can make you feel a little claustrophobic… which is where rugs come in.

Rugs are excellent at casting the illusion of space in many ways - you can go for small print or plain colour designs which match your furniture, for instance, helping the room to ‘blend’ together and seem more open. Alternatively, you can go for lighter-coloured rugs, as light shades are expansive (as opposed to dark shades, which contribute towards the ‘enclosed’ impression your small flat probably already possesses).

Studio flat owners could additionally use rugs to segment their living space, helping create the feel that there are multiple spaces in there, thus making the room seem larger than it actually is.

No, rugs aren’t just for show - they’re actually a powerful design tool to help you feel more comfortable in your space, a quality that not a lot of other furniture retains.

Add a touch of ‘cosy chic’ to your home.

City apartments have a certain je ne sais quoi atmosphere which is rarely found in any other type of lodging - a singular type of ‘chic’, endorsed by urban trends of modernity, minimalism and classic style. However, impressions of domesticity and cosiness are often shafted, which can make your apartment seem more like a hotel than a home.

Inject some colour and heart into your living quarters with some standout pieces you love - one for the floor (notably, a rug or carpet), a couple for the walls and one for the table - an equation that’ll ensure your room doesn’t look too ‘busy’, remaining ‘chic’ and classic, while also adding enough variation and colour to restore that feeling of homeliness you crave.

Oriental rugs, in particular, are full of colour and differentiating factors, as they’re heavily pattern-based and come in deep, rich colours - a perfect boho statement piece that has comfort at its heart.

Texture also makes a big impact in increasing that homely feel - go for some bold rugs that are lovely underfoot for that instant, cosy uplift.

If you live in a studio flat and wish to follow the segmentation tactic (as described earlier), to split your room into lots of ‘smaller’ rooms, go for a mix of plain and patterned rugs: we suggest one patterned rug as the staple ‘homely’ piece, then a few rugs consisting of bold, block colours, so as not to have too many clashing patterns - remember, there’s a difference between hectic and eclectic!

Distinguish yourself.

In a concentrated hub of thousands of people, it can be hard to express your individuality. Your home, however, is your creative nest, and can serve as a great mirror for your character. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Apartment Therapy suggests you combine old and new tastes for the perfect unique flavour - a tactic often purveyed by Parisian designers. Chic and style meet where history and modernity cross over, and this can be achieved with a well-thought out combination of elements - antique rugs with modern bookshelves or cabinets, for instance, or vice versa.

Be as creative as you like, and tie it all together with an oversized or large rug to delineate your room - space and creative freedom achieved, in one, fell swoop. Perfection.

This piece was written by The London House Rug Company, a bespoke rug service with over 40 years’ experience in the field. With a dual-focus on quality and authenticity - all rugs are woven, ethically, by weavers throughout the East - their emphasis is very much on a characterful, personal and unique finish. They have showrooms in Harrogate and Boston Spa, and their main warehouse is based in London.