Must-have Minimalism

If the Christmas clutter has clogged your home, we have some good news — spring is just around the corner. The new season is the perfect opportunity to declutter and redesign your space, so read on to discover the dos and don'ts of designing a minimalist space:

Do invest in quality pieces

The key to creating a truly impressive minimalist space is to invest in quality pieces. With an often white or muted colour palette, basic mass-made furniture can leave your space lacking personality and warmth.

Instead, your furniture and accessories should become a talking point in a room. For iconic minimalist designs with bags of character, visit specialist designer furniture stores like Moleta Munro

Don’t shy away from paying a little more for your pieces. You’ll really be able to tell the difference in quality once your room comes together.

Don’t be afraid of colour

Muted shades may be the base colours of minimalism but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid bold colours. In fact, injecting bright colours in your room is a great way of creating a contrast — but only if it’s done right.

To add unity to your space, choose one accent colour and include it through a selection of carefully considered accessories. Whether it’s a rug or a vase, be picky about what you include and remember, less is more!

Do make the most of natural light

Another secret of creating a minimal space is to maximise the natural light in the room. The neutral colour palette of your walls should help this, although there are other changes you can make to help your space seem fresh and airy.

Remove heavy drapes from your windows and replace with simple curtains or roller blinds. Include mirrors in narrow spaces like hallways to help reflect the light around and place lamps in areas of low natural light.