New Homeware Launches By Magpie

Based in London, Magpie has focussed on ranges with a distinctly British edge, nostalgically evoking childhood trips to the seaside, tea time with the grandparents, camping trips to the woods and an unwavering love for the flora and fauna found within the British Isles. Collaborating with numerous artists, both upcoming and established, Magpie, like its feathered namesake, is an inveterate gatherer and hoarder who is fast becoming a familiar part of the retail landscape.

Here is a look at some of the new collections this spring...

Ahoy! is the new nautical inspired collection of mix and match tableware, kitchenware.

Distinctly mid-century in style, Ahoy! features a host of charming marine characters and graphic maritime motifs illustrated in a beautiful palette of blues, seagreen and white. From Whale, Lobster and Fish to Sailboat, Anchor and Lighthouse, these wonderful seafaring designs are not only a delightful teatime treat; they can be proudly displayed on open shelves and cabinets to add colour and style to your space. So drop anchor, hoist the mainbrace and catch a glimpse of this decorative range.

Roots & Shoots is a gorgeous new garden collection. Featuring a wonderful array of quirky retro A-Z seed packet graphics, the collection includes a host of items that green-fingered folk will adore. These practical pieces with their nostalgic charm, will keep potting sheds beautifully coordinated and efficiently organised. So whether youโ€™re a dabbler or dab hand there will be more time to spend outside on planting, pruning and smelling the roses.

Coast is a charming new collection of mix and match tableware and home accessories. A collaboration with Sussex based artist, Mark Greco, Coast takes its influence from Britainโ€™s impressive 19,500 mile coastline, and the magnificent variety of seabirds that inhabit its rugged shores. Beautifully illustrated in a muted palette of natural shoreline shades, the collection is made up of four avian characters, Puffin, Sandpiper, Oystercatcher and Common Tern, each perching, feeding or flying within their aquatic habitats. These simple works of art are a celebration of British coastal wildlife and would make a joyous addition to any nest.