New Scents For The Home From Urban Apothecary

Introducing The incredible new home scents from Urban Apothecary that have been inspired by the nostalgic musings of those around them....

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Locking memories in fragrance, as if each were a scented snapshot, is a pleasing way to remember special moments. Hence every fragrance recounts a personal experience, from walking in woodland after rain to catching the intriguing perfumed sillage of a passing stranger. These nostalgic musings encourage connection by evoking memories and becoming the catalyst for creating new ones.

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Urban Apothecary started life as a passion for fragrance and desire to layer traditional ingredients of flowers, fruits, resins and woods in unconventional, contemporary ways. Every scent shaped from this collaboration of art with science is inspired by a personal recollection brought to life through the clever blending of notes rich with ambiance. These distinctive aromas, a mixture of memories and moods, are curated into a collection of truly original scents for the home. Dress the urban environment with fragrances that inspire, nurture and transport.