New Wallpaper Brand - Olenka

Olenka is a young, fresh and inspirational Wallpaper brand. Based in a design studio in Reading with a passionate and talented in-house design team, Olenka was founded by Olga and Eric Nicolson. Born out of a love of design individuality, Olga’s years of Art and Design study in Russia and then a successful design career in the UK, led to the start up of Olenka. Their mission is to create distinctive and stylish designs that embody traditional Russian Khokhloma art with a modern British colour palette. 

Olenka Wallpapers

The pretty patterns of the ‘Russian Fairytale’ range, launching this month, have been inspired by Khokhloma Folk art with its rich history going back to the seventeenth century. Traditionally it was hand painted, so all original patterns of Olenka’s wallpaper are hand painted by Olga. This first collection will contain natural motifs of leaves and flowers to create the dreamy mood of the collection, which will provide a lush, glamorous backdrop for any room. 

Olenka Wallpapers

Feminine, decadent and beautifully styled with a pinch of the past and a modern colour palette of tropical brights mixed with classic tones, you’ll be tempted to liven up your living space this winter. Olenka’s initial consumer offering will consist of two beautifully hand crafted designs called Milana and Neva, both in a choice of two different colour-ways. The Milana design is available in ‘Graphite Blue’ & ‘Hot Pink/Grey’ with the Neva Design available in ‘Blue’ & ‘Pink/Grey’.