New Wishbone Chair Colours for Carl Hansen & Son's 110-Year Anniversary

In celebration of Carl Hansen & Son’s 110-year anniversary on 28th October 2018, the furniture manufacturer presents Hans J. Wegner’s iconic Wishbone Chair in six new anniversary colours with limited availability.


Hans J. Wegner – celebrated as the master of the chair – had an experiemental approach, not only when it came to forms and materials, but also when exploring colours. Therefore, Carl Hansen & Son highlights the Wishbone Chair’s numerous possibilities for variation and visual style by introducing this 1950s design icon in six new colours inspired by nature.


The new anniversary colours are deeply rooted in nature – forests, beaches and woodlands – and appear in deep, elegant and soft shades. The earth tones Rosy Blush, Russet Red and Deep Burgundy are contrasted the more tranquil Oyster Grey, Forest Green, and Deep Olive; all evoke a sense of connection to our natural surroundings and a warm and inviting ambience.


The Wishbone Chair in these six new colours has a handwoven seat in natural paper cord and is exclusively available from 28th October to 31st December 2018. The special anniversary price is £500 including VAT. Find more info at