Original Tropical Watercolour Prints from Pooja Jeshang

It was love at first sight when I saw these colourful watercolour prints from Pooja Jeshang. Not just beautiful, but bang on trend with their vibrant tropical foliage and exotic birds.

So, of course I wanted to know a bit more about Pooja and what inspired her...

"I'm originally from Tanzania, and studied Fashion Design. Home decor has been somewhat another passion I really want to focus on, and by doing so I would love to work on one off painting pieces that can bring life to your home. Also not forgetting I love paintings that are bright, bold, say, or have a meaning behind them for example my Tropical Toucan painting is about a toucan who’s perched, and has a fun element with him - a pineapple! Hopefully my next range of paintings will be focusing on geometry - which is another theme I love and fits in with minimalism and simplicity". 

"Taken from my experience of really contemplating on how to design my flat, Ive taken up the ideas of putting up some tropical wildlife flora and foliage elements through paintings because this really gives it a clean fresh look to your walls in your house. These series of paintings were really inspired from rainforests of South America, where I really wish I can go and see the nature for myself". 

"I admire nature and its flawless beauty, but to capture it on paper is another whole concept!"

Pooja also likes to sew and hand-make bags. You can see them and her prints on her etsy shop.