Our Top 4 Essentials for a Cosy Night In

I bet we're not the only ones who appreciate a cosy night in during the winter months. When the nights are dark and stormy there's nothing nicer than making the house warm and comfortable, cooking a nice meal and settling down for the evening with a pile of DVD's.

So here's our four top essentials (and a few more) for a cosy night in.


1. A lovingly prepared meal. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. In fact a casserole that's been simmering away all by itself just so happens to be a favourite, but laying the table does make it special. Get out the napkins, light the candles, and sit down for a proper catch-up with a loved one or the family. 


2. A deep snuggly sofa. One that the whole family can fit on is even better. A coffee table for the remote, drinks and a box of chocolates is the icing on the cake. Where better to relax after a meal and catch up on the box set you've been meaning to watch for ages.


3. Extra throws and cushions for warmth and added comfort. Keep a few extras in a handy basket for those extra cold nights, and to stop the inevitable squabbles. There's nothing like one throw each. Especially if it's knitted or faux fur.


4. A comfy bed to dive into at the end of the night. Pile up the pillows, put an extra blanket somewhere handy, and settle in with a final warm drink and a light-hearted book. Bliss.

What's your idea of a perfect cosy night in?

All images from Next Home