Photo Backdrops for Stunning Flatlays

How often do you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and wish you had such interesting backdrops for your own flatlays. We know we do. All the time. Well, you might be interested to know that you can now purchase tabletop photo backdrops from Photo Boards®.

Photo Boards® are lightweight tabletop background boards in two sizes, measuring just 40cm and 60cm square. They are designed with small scene photography in mind and look just like real marble, linen, wood and stone - perfect for flatlay styling on Instagram, and which even under a close up lens look just like real textures thanks to the super high resolution and clever design.

They were first launched in November 2016, be photographer Lyndsey James after she tested a collection of mini photo backdrops with a small group of her photography students - all creative business owners learning product photography.

'As a commercial photographer for many years I have collected all sorts of interesting textures for use in close up work like jewellery and food photography. Large printed studio backdrops were never high enough quality to look real in close up photos, so I had nothing to recommend to my students other than suggesting they look around recycling and reclamation yards for interesting backgrounds.' - Lyndsey James, Founder.

Prices are reasonable too. The 60cm square boards are £30, while the 40cm boards are £18. Another advantage over sourcing your own boards from reclamation yards is that they are already the perfect size and easy to store in the office. Anyone who has tried to keep a collection of old wood and metal tidy (guilty) in the home will know what I'm talking about. And lastly, they are lighter and easier to transport around. 

We're sold.