Picture Perfect Cushions

Nick Huggins is the man behind Lemon Brothers Designs. A photographer for over 20 years, Nick was persuaded by his wife T to put his personal photography on cushions, homewares and gifts and the results just speak for themselves.

He was doubtful at first (no, we don't know why either) but he dutifully printed two of his favourite pictures on silk and after much debate about what fabric should be used, ordered some velvet for the backs. Some time later, T sat down at the sewing machine to turn the two pieces of fabric into the first sample cushions. They were thrilled with the results.

You can now buy Nick's perfect pictures on cushions, lampshades, placemats, prints and phonecases.

The photos he uses are an eclectic mix of landscapes, quirky shots and abstract work that he has created over the last few years on various photographic excursions, on holidays, in his studio and even on honeymoon in Italy. They are a mix of digital and film prints and he has worked really hard to make sure that the quality of print shows off the picture as perfectly as possible.

All of the products are available in all of he different designs and at very affordable prizes (Christmas presents, people?) and with more designs being added all the time. They can even provide a bespoke service.

Lemon Brothers Designs