Quick Fun DIY Projects In The House

Give your tired household items a new lease of life this spring by sprucing them up with a lick of paint.

 Season your rolling pins with a few primary colours in blocks or stripes.

 Add a few geometric patterns to your wooden spatulas for added relish.

 An Ikea stool takes on a new lease of life with a splash of citrus.

 Stripes of neon add a Caribbean flavour to wooden spoons.

Coasters with added piquancy.

What you will need:

·          Old household items or inexpensive new ones.

·          Masking tape and/or string depending on your design.

·          Art Deco neon paint (or spray paint for a large area).

·          Small artist's paintbrush.

·          Walnut oil wood finish.

·          Clear Shellac (food safe) wood treatment.

·          Small decorator's paint brush

 Step-by-step process:

1.        Lightly sand any utensils you wish to stain darker. You often find with inexpensive utensils that they are very light in colour.

2.        We stained all of the wooden spoons and spatulas three different shades – just add more layers for a darker finish. Stain to your preference using the walnut oil wood finish and the small decorator's brush. Leave to dry according to the instructions on the tin.

3.        Decide on your design and use masking tape to cover the areas you do not want to paint (or cover with string if you are spraying).

4.        Using the neon paints and the small artist's paintbrush. This allows you to get in the small places precisely. Do not paint any areas that will come into contact with food.

5.        Leave to dry and then repeat three times.

6.        Seal the whole item using clear Shellac wood treatment to stop it chipping or wearing. Leave to dry.

Photographs by Alex Oates, styling by Zoe Palmer. Taken from the March 2014 issue of Heart Home magazine.