Recipe of the Week - Braised Pork Belly

Today's recipe is courtesy of Bright Courtyard Club who's motto is “innovation, style and quality” and this is reflected both in the food it produces and in the restaurant itself. With a fashionable Baker Street location, within walking distance of both Mayfair and Marylebone High Street, Bright Courtyard Club truly has taken the best Chinese cuisine to the very heart of London. Elegantly designed, yet discreet, the restaurant serves delicacies from succulent shellfish to hearty dim sum to enjoy at any time of the day.

Try it, it's yum.


Pork belly: 500g

Anise: 2 grains

Shredded ginger: 3g

Spring onion: 30g

Dark soy sauce: 5g

Light soy sauce: 5g

Sugar: 30g

Shaohsing Rice Wine: 10g

Water: 1000g


Cut the pork belly into small cubes.

Stir-fry the anise, shredded ginger and spring onion with a little oil, then add the pork belly cubes into it. Add all of the above flavourings and continue stir-frying until the cubes become red.

Add 1000g of water on a high heat.

After it has boiled, turn the heat down for 45 minutes.

Finally, turn the heat high and stir evenly until all the sauce is absorbed, dish up and serve.