Recipe of the Week: Celeriac, Roquefort and Hazelnut Soup

There's nothing quite as comforting at this time of the year as a big bowl of warming soup. This recipe has some of our favourite autumn flavours to add taste as well as satisfying wholesome goodness.

Prep Time: 15 mins Cooking Time: 45 mins

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 45 mins

4 tbsp olive oil
2 onions, sliced
4 cloves garlic
1 celery stalk, roughly chopped
1 celeriac, peeled and diced
4 Cox’s Orange Pippin apples, cored and quartered
A few sprigs of thyme, leaves picked
1.5 litres Essential Cuisine Chicken Stock
200ml crème fraîche
A few sage leaves
100g Roquefort crumbled
Toasted hazelnuts & hazelnut oil to finish

Heat half the oil in a large pan
Add the onions and celery and garlic and cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes until soft
Add the celeriac, apples and thyme and cook for 2–3 minutes
Add the stock, season, and simmer over a low heat for 30 minutes until the celeriac is tender
Remove from the heat and blitz with a hand blender until smooth
Stir in half the crème fraîche
Heat the remaining oil in a pan and fry the sage until crispy
Spoon the soup into bowls and top with the remaining crème fraîche
To serve, drizzle with hazelnut oil, sprinkle with the crispy sage leaves and hazelnuts and crumble over the Roquefort

Recipe is courtesy of Essential Cuisine who provide a premium range of quick-to-use foodservice products, which are available in butchers, farm shops and delis across Britain. Since launching in 2010, Essential Cuisine has expanded its range to include three different product ranges in the condiment sector. 

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