Recipe of the Week - Halloumi Skewers

Happy Days! We're all for easy recipes at this time of the year. Especially ones that can be cooked and enjoyed outside. And especially when they are healthy and packed full of flavour. Just add a bowl of green salad and a bottle of chilled beer. Cheers.

Makes 4 skewers, serves 2.

Makes 4 skewers, serves 2.


4 artichoke hearts

2 cooked beetroots

250g pack halloumi

300ml garlic & chipotle marinade (50g garlic puree, 100g chilli puree, 75ml veg. oil, ½ tbsp. salt, 125ml white wine vinegar, ½ tbsp. cumin seeds, 1 tbsp paprika: toast and crush the cumin seeds, before mixing all ingredients together thoroughly with a whisk- this makes 350ml but you’ll only need 300ml.)

1 green and 1 red pepper

1 red onion


1. Cut the beetroots in to quarters and toss with approx. 1/3 (100ml) of the marinade in a container

2. Cut the halloumi evenly into 12 pieces

3. Drain and cut each of the artichokes into two halves

3. Gently toss halloumi & artichoke halves in the rest of the garlic and chipotle marinade, (keep the beetroot separate)

4. Cover both and leave to refrigerate for at least 4 hours (overnight is best).

5. After a min. of 4 hours, you can assemble your skewers!

Cut the red onion and peppers into sizeable chunks and then place all the different ingredients onto the two separate skewers.

You can do this however you like, but the order of assembly here at Las Iguanas is: red onion, halloumi, red pepper, beetroot, green pepper, halloumi, red pepper, artichoke, green pepper, halloumi, red pepper, beetroot, green pepper, artichoke, red onion.

6. Place on a pre-heated griddle and cook for approx. 6-8 minutes. Then, enjoy!

This recipe is courtesy of Las Iguanas, a casual dining restaurant chain with a Latin American theme.