Recipe of the Week - Salmon Burger

Did you know that last Thursday (the 25th August) was National Burger Day? We're a bit late to the party but we wanted to share with you a super seafood alternative to the classic beef bun. Add a nautical twist to your party with a ridiculously easy – and healthy – salmon burger. This recipe won’t have you slaving over the BBQ for hours either meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy good times, good weather, and most importantly, great food!

Serves 2


2 fresh salmon fillets

Zest and juice of one lemon

Olive oil

1 tomatoes, washed and sliced

½ red onion, washed and sliced

2 burger buns

Gem lettuce

Burger sauce of choice


Step 1: Place the salmon fillets on a piece of foil, add a splash of olive oil before wrapping and placing on a hot barbecue for20 minutes, until the fish is cooked through . Alternatively, stay indoors and grill under a medium heat for 10-12 minutes.

Step 2: Meanwhile, gently toast the burger buns, popping on the barbeque or under the grill for around 1 minute.

Step 3: Finally, stack your bun with layers tomato and red onion, along with fresh gem lettuce leaves and a generous dollop of your sauce of choice (try tomato and chilli chutney). Add in the grilled salmon fillet and squeeze over a lemon before adding the final piece of bin on top!

Recipe courtesy of The Saucy Fish Co.