Seven Tools You Need to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

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A nice lawn makes a home look so much more attractive. But, grass does take a little bit of looking after. You need access to the right equipment and products to keep it strong, healthy and lush. Here is a list of what you will need, along with a few tips to help you to get the most out of them.

Good-quality grass seed

Top of the list is good quality grass seed. Every year, some of your existing lawn is going to die back. It could because of disease, a lack of water or general wear or tear. Whatever the reason, the way to fix this is to re-seed your lawn. Doing it every year ensures that you keep ahead of the process and ensure that your lawn continues to look good.

Buying from online sellers like The Grass People is a particularly good way to get your hands on the right type of seed. They tend to sell a bigger selection. This is important because which seed is best for your lawn is dependent on where you live, your local weather and soil conditions.


An effective mower

Keeping your lawn properly cut is also important. Doing so stimulates growth and helps to ensure that as much water as possible reaches the roots of your grass.

You should only cut your grass when it actually growing and ensure that your mower blades are sharp. Ideally, you should not cut more than a third of the blades of grass. If you cut off more of the length, you can send the grass into shock and upset its growth cycle. So, always look for a height adjustable mower.

A dethatcher

Over time, the dead material begins to clog up your lawn. It is usually a mixture of dust, dead weeds, rotting leaves and dying blades of grass. This makes it harder for water to penetrate the ground and reach the grass roots. So, once a year, you need to de-thatch your lawn. Just buy and use a de-thatching rake. They are not expensive and are very easy to use.


An aerator

Lawns need to be aerated. If you do not do this, the soil compacts more, each year. Over time, this action presses in on the roots and suffocates them. This stunts the growth of your grass and eventually kills it off. So, you need to aerate your lawn, once a year. To do this you can buy or hire an aerator or simply use a sturdy garden fork.

Rainwater butts

Rainwater is much better for grass than tap water is. So, it really is worth investing in a couple of rain butts.


Grass feed

Some people are lucky and end up with a lovely lush, green lawn without having to feed it. If you do not fall into that category visit your local garden centre and buy some of the grass feed they recommend.

A way to keep your lawn weed free

Weeding your lawn is also important. Weeds are greedy. They can easily guzzle up all of the water and nutrients. Plus, their leaves will inevitably end up overrunning your lawn and killing off your grass.

How you weed your lawn is very much a case of personal taste. You can go down the weed killer route or, if you prefer, buy a manual weeding tool. There are several available, so do a bit of research and shop around to find the best one for you.