Six Reasons to Use a Freestanding Bath in Your Bathroom

A beautiful fixture you can add to your bathroom that will bring a touch of luxury is a freestanding bath. With so many attractive baths available, you should consider this unique option to enhance your bathing experience. Here are six reasons you should consider using this style of bathtub in your modern bathroom.

1. A freestanding bath makes an excellent focal point for any bathroom. If your bathroom has a window, you may want to place the bath directly in front of it for a dramatic effect. The natural light combined with the open area around and under the bath will make your bathroom look more spacious and airy. If you don’t like the traditional claw foot option for a freestanding bath, visit JT Spas where you can find slipper shapes, roll tops, and other interesting designs that offer both functionality and beauty.

2. If you have hand-crafted tile work, you can use a freestanding bath to highlight the tile and floor surrounding the tub. For a smooth flow, try to coordinate the style of bath with the other elements in the room.

3. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of materials. You may prefer an acrylic bath because it is easily maintained or a bath with metallic features that can add a beautiful quality to your bathroom. Since the entire outside surface of the bath is finished, freestanding baths add a more dramatic look to any bathroom.

4. For a touch of nostalgia, opt for a freestanding tub that features elegant claw feet and exposed plumbing fixtures that complement the bath. This can add some nostalgic elegance to your bathroom, where you can soak away your cares and relax at the end of the day.

5. Freestanding baths offer various other benefits. These baths offer greater flexibility in terms of their placement within the bathroom because they are completely finished on all external surfaces. This also means that freestanding baths are easier to clean and maintain. Freestanding baths are also great for a long, late-night soak. If your job or household duties are extremely stressful, you can relax in a bath and relieve aching and tired muscles before enjoying a deeper and better sleep.

6. The installation of a freestanding bath is easy and can normally be finished in a relatively short period of time. Once your bathroom has been prepared, the installers can simply set the tub in place, attach the water supplies, and make sure that everything works properly. If you have measured properly and ascertained that your tub can pass easily through the rest of your home on the way to the bathroom where it will be installed, you will be well on your way to enjoying some relaxing bathing – freestanding style.

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