Smallable Spring Magazine | New Interiors

"I came up with the idea of Smallable before I had children, by looking at the parents and families around me. They never had the time nor the energy to go shopping and find clothes, furniture or toys for their kids'“. CÉCILE ROEDERER, FOUNDER OF SMALLABLE

Almost 10 years later, their concept store has become a major reference in the world of children-related products. As families are evolving, they become bigger, the same concept of ‘family’ takes a new meaning.
Today, family, has become more of a tribe: stepfamilies, friends - any kind of bond is important to and therefore Smallable want to make sure to meet the needs of everyone. 

Smallable is identified as a complete Family Concept Store. Decoration, furniture, linen, rugs, lighting, wall decorations, wallpapers... Smallable offers a complete but carefully selected range of products from young publishing houses, designers and contemporary design icons.

And while their catalogue may have grown considerably, they are still guided by the same principles: finding designers we love and making their creations accessible to everybody by delivering their products to more than 200 countries.

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Smallable’s new Spring magazine has arrived with plenty of interiors inspiration as well as women’s and children’s fashion -  do take a look here