Sophie Robinson x Secret Linen Store

Secret Linen Store are incredibly excited to announce the launch of this brand new collaboration with renowned British interior designer, Sophie Robinson.

[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Robinson collection (1), from £14.jpg

Sophie's passion for colour has had a huge influence on this collection, and has really infiltrated every little detail. She wanted to create something that she'd happily have in her own home, and that meant incorporating colours that spark an emotion. Persuading people to move away from using beige has always been a priority, but that doesn't mean randomly choosing colours at the expense of the rest of the room. They need to become part of a scheme, not overpower it, and with this new collection there's a consensus between Sophie, Molly and Hatty that this has really been achieved.  

[Secret Linen Store] Pompom coral bed linen set (1), £14-99.jpg

From the outset, they wanted to design and make a collection that sits perfectly with both the Secret Linen Store brand, and Sophie's vibrantly colourful style. All of their favourite yarns/fabrics from the Secret Linen Store arsenal have been deployed for this collection, only this time with a sprinkling of the Sophie Robinson magic. It comprises three unique bed linen ranges, a choice of two bright colours in frilled pillowcases, and a fun knitted pompom cushion and throw set. 

[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Stripe bed linen set (1), £14-115.jpg
[Secret Linen Store] Sophie Robinson collection (2), from £14.jpg

The team have had a whole lot of fun working with Sophie on this, and they're so pleased to finally share it with the world. We're looking forward to those weekend lie ins just writing about it! 

[Secret Linen Store] Dazzling blue linen set (2), £18-175.jpg

"The intense hue of Dazzling Blue was an absolute favourite from the start, so much so there are two designs using this colour! Blue is the perfect colour for bedrooms as it’s intrinsically calming, but this rich tone feels very cosy and luxurious too. I have to say I absolutely love it!" Sophie Robinson

The collection will be available to pre-order from Wednesday 2nd May, and fully available to purchase from Friday 4th May.