Stay Warm and Cosy this Winter with our Wool Rugs

Winter is creeping up on us and Christmas is only around the corner, and I bet your thinking, what is the easiest way to tie the two cold, snowy settings together? So what is your idea? Because I think I may have the perfect suggestion for you! How about an exclusive, luxurious, comforting wool rug? Just imagine yourself snuggled up on an all natural, pleasurable textured wool rug, placed in front of a roaring fire, feeling the heat of the flames stroke your face, sipping a tasty hot chocolate and watching your favourite programme on the telly. Whilst your feet are sinking into the comforting warm and cosy feel. I know I can’t think of a better and more relaxing way to spend my chilly winter nights, how about you?

Bring the outdoors in during this cold frosty season to create a cosy abode. Wool rugs are 100% natural products that will compose warmth and extreme comfort to your floors, whilst also delivering tons of style. A classy, fashionable rug looks perfect on every flooring and can look incredibly stylish placed neatly in front of a dazzling fire place; but don’t you worry, wool is flame resistant!

I know we all like to keep a close eye on the kiddies whilst they’re being mischievous and playing, but you also want to spend a bit of you time, isn’t that right? Well, owning a wool rug can solve you this never ending problem. Delivering absolutely irresistible comfort due to soft and natural fibres your kids can’t say no to playing on a beautiful wool rug meaning you don’t have to tire yourself out chasing the cheeky monkeys about you can kick back and relax whilst being able to keep that close eye on them. Hang on though, now you’re concerned about the rug getting mucky aren’t you? Not a chance! Wool rugs are dirt and dust resilient; in fact, they can hold up to 1 pound of dirt per every square foot before even slightly appearing dirty. Damage is your next worry right? Not to worry! Wool rugs are incredibly durable resulting in an immensely long lasting product for your homes.

I recently purchased my very own beautiful wool rug after spending hours of browsing on . After viewing all the different styles, colours, patterns and sizes of all the wool rugs on this impressive site I couldn’t resist ordering one for myself. The Imperial was the one I fell in love with and by using the discount code WR10 I received an amazing 10% off on top of a sale price!! The service I received was outstanding, ‘FREE & FAST UK Delivery’ is the exact words they stated, and without fail my rug came well within the promised delivery time! I am absolutely in love with me rug! I just can’t wait to get home from a long, hard and tiring day of work to get all snuggled up on my new wool rug with a red hot cuppa, plenty of goodies and just relax. I can’t resist the immense pleasurable feel of the soft shagginess of the rug in between my toes and the sensational sinking feeling you receive. Wow! A wool rug is a definite must have this winter!