Stir-fried Scallops & Cuttlefish with Broccoli

Today's ultra healthy recipe comes to us courtesy of Bright Courtyard, a sleek, modern restaurant for dim sum, Cantonese and classic Shanghai dishes, plus a cocktail bar.

Broccoli 200g
Scallop 6 pieces
Fresh squid slice 100g
Spring onion 10g
Mushroom slice 20g
Carrot 10g
Garlic 2g

Salt 5g
Sugar a little
Sesame oil a little
Starch 5g
Chicken powder 5g

1.       Boil broccoli in hot water for one minute with little salt
2.       Put fresh squid slice in cold water for one minute
3.       Fried scallop in three minutes
4.       Fried garlic first then adding all ingredients and seasoning together.
5.       Put spring onion on the dish.

Bright Courtyard Club’s motto is “innovation, style and quality” and this is reflected both in their menu and in the restaurant itself. With a fashionable Baker Street location, within walking distance of both Mayfair and Marylebone High Street, Bright Courtyard Club truly have taken the best Chinese cuisine to the very heart of London. Elegantly designed, yet discreet, the restaurant and lounge serve as the ideal venue for an important lunch meeting, tranquil afternoon tea or fun-filled dinner party, with delicacies from succulent shellfish to hearty dim sum to enjoy at any time of the day.