Stuck for Feature Wall Ideas? Discover These 5 Suggestions.

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Feature walls have been a popular addition to many homes over the years, but more and more people are moving on from bold wallpaper and striking patterns to break up a room.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to designing a feature wall. Your best bet is to look at is as if your painting or decorating a canvas, rather than an entire room, which can be quite daunting. The best thing about a feature wall is that you can experiment with colours and try out new wallpapers, styles and finishes without breaking the bank. It also means you can be a little more daring – seen as you’re only decorating one small area.

Here you’ll find some ideas of how to really make your feature wall work for you.

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A Gallery Wall

A very popular feature in many modern homes; a gallery wall is the latest way to display your favourite family photos and exhibit those favourite family moments. It’s a really personal way of stamping your home and making it your own. You can easily order online and your photographs will be available to you in all shapes and sizes.

Plan your arrangement first with pieces of paper, to get a real feel of how you would like the end result to look. You should also stick to a colour coordinated display; this will make it look more cohesive and give it the wow factor. Think white or black frames. Or black and white prints.

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Tick Tock

It’s a common misconception that a feature wall means wallpapering or painting, well that’s just not the case! Clock’s don’t have to be just practical ornaments – consider investing in a large and oversized clock that will create an impressive focal point in any room. Check out online stores or why not head to your local charity store or second-hand shop to see what bargains you can find.

Make it Practical

One for busy households, why not keep on top of all your family’s errands and appointments by creating a blackboard feature wall. It could be placed anywhere: the office, the hallway, kitchen or living room. Simply head to your local DIY store and pick up some chalkboard paint. Who knows what stunning designs your mini Picassos might come up with!

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Make it Work for You

Just because you’re going for something eye-catching, doesn’t mean it can’t be functional too. If you have a wall in mind, why not invest in some bold storage solutions to really make the area pop with colour. It’s an easy way to make a big impression in a limited space. From books, to media, even somewhere to store the kids toys or your electronics, if you’re short on space – why not utilise what you have?

Just Keep Rolling

Patterned paint rollers are a quick and effective way of creating the look you want without stripping walls or spending a small fortune. Check out online retailers to see what you can find.