Summer Santorini Style

Nothing says summer in the Greek Isles quite like blue and white. Those sun-drenched white villages glistening below a deep blue sky. And then there's the white sandy beaches meeting the blue Mediterranean sea. Okay so we know Santorini doesn't have white sand beaches, but we're just painting a picture here. And trying to get you inspired to recreate some of that Aegean flavour at home.

Summer Santorini Style via Brissi (3).jpg

And where better than on the tabletop? 

Drawing on natural elements such as the sun and the sea, Brissi’s latest collection features a Mediterranean palette that beautifully reflects the vibrancy of sea blues and lush greens paired with clean, sun bleached whites and stone colours.

The collection’s organically shaped, glazed Amalfi dinnerware strikes the perfect balance between casual and elegant and is an obvious choice for a Santorini dining table. Linen tableware adds a light texture and provides the perfect neutral base to work from, allowing you to add pops of colour selectively. Created in a beautiful artisan, handmade style, the Elowen pitcher, available in tall and wide, perfectly embodies the subtle, unfinished charm of the Grecian aesthetic.

Creative Director, Arianna Brissi, said: “I have been waiting patiently to share this story with Brissi customers. Inspired by a love of the romantic and wonderful Mediterranean and its beautiful landscape, the Santoini summer story is organic and feminine.

It features a crisp white base, delicately layered with colour and is the perfect way to recreate the ambience of the Mediterranean. The beautifully styled photos feature a lush, overhanging centrepiece that recreates the feel of a charming Grecian taverna, bringing the outside in, something that we can all enjoy during the summer."

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