Surprise Yourself With These Unique Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom should be relaxing but it doesn’t have to be boring.  There are many ways to surprise yourself with unique bathroom ideas. They can transform your space into an extraordinary place that everyone is secretly dreaming about, but most people don’t have enough courage to make it come true. 


Transform your bathroom into a green paradise

Decorating homes with plants may not be so original, but it’s much more difficult when it comes to the bathroom. Humidity and a common lack of light usually stop us from keeping flowers there. Fortunately, there are plant species resistant to difficult living conditions. They like wet and hot rooms. Unluckily, cactuses and succulents, being so popular recently, are something we have to forget about. Don’t worry though, there’s no reason to cry! We can choose between e.g. Sansevieria, Zamioculcas or Spathiphyllum and get totally crazy! 

Have fun with tiles

Using tiles in a different way is a great trick to create a unique bathroom. We can choose between various sizes, shapes and colors, and design our own mosaic. There is a unique type of Iberian tiles, called azulejos – they will give your interior a rustic and homely climate. Expressing ourselves is always a good idea so why don’t you create from tiles a heart, flower or even your favorite book quote. It will look original, fun, and – most importantly – one of a kind! 

Don’t be afraid to let posters in the bathroom

A unique bathroom is a place where everyone should feel amazed in the best possible way. It is full of unusual textures, vibrant colors and beautiful things. However, hanging artworks in the bathroom may seem problematic. Humidity can damage oil paintings and graphics on paper, even when we think they are protected properly. The answer to our troubles are prints on metal. We have been lucky to find thousands of them on They have an easy magnet mounting system and are resistant to unfavorable air and temperature conditions.


Double your comfort zone

It is very important to relax and share good vibes with your loved one. You laugh together, cook and eat together, so why not take a bath, also - together? It may not be that comfortable to use one bathtub at the same time, especially when it is not a king-sized jacuzzi. The best way to protect ourselves from a lack of space, too much heat and general discomfort is to just put two bathtubs in your bathroom. Cozy, comfy, brilliant!


Pimp up your bath

When it comes to bathtubs, the white ones are so boring! We must think out of the box to create a truly unique bathroom. Home decor creativity often comes from reimagining things of everyday use. Think about it – wouldn’t it make you happier to put some color wherever you are? In our opinion, colorful or even black bathtubs can absolutely change your interior. They fit in both modern and rustic spaces. They are unusual and surprising, and absolutely loveable!

These ideas are just examples of how you can create your dream-like, unique bathroom. Not only plants, tiles, unusual bathtubs and metal posters in the bathroom can make this space amazing, but it is a good place to start. Search for tips on websites, in magazines, scroll the Instagram and look around you – everything can be your inspiration. Remember – even if something seems strange – it may actually end up being fantastic.