Take The Stairs? No, It's Much Easier to Call the Elevator

There really are no limits to what can be achieved with a Stiltz Home Lift as one of their customers recently proved by turning it into an iconic red telephone box – an instantly recognisable symbol of Great Britain.

Before and after.

Having decided they wanted to buy a domestic lift for practical reasons, the couple initially looked at hydraulic lifts but found that it would have required too many expensive structural changes to the property.

Then they became aware of the Stiltz Home Lift – an innovative non-hydraulic through floor lift powered by an electric motor system that sits on top of the lift. The lift is a self-supporting structure, does not need to be fixed to walls, and travels via patented dual rails.

Because of these unique features it meant the lift can be fitted practically anywhere in the home. But the customer, based in Pennsylvania in the USA, wanted to make it fun and stand out when visitors came to their home.

So after purchasing what was needed over the internet, they fitted a K2 British red telephone box around the lift, minus the door, to make it totally unique to their home and give it that ‘wow’ factor.

The Stiltz Lift, more commonly known as home elevators across the pond, was fitted between their upstairs hall and first floor hall, in just one day. As can be seen from the before and after pictures, no doubt Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880-1960), the designer of the red telephone box, would be proud.

Read the full story here and for more information visit www.stiltz.co.uk