The 4 Best Curtain Designs for Winter

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As the nights draw in, temperatures drop and leaves fall, we are reminded just how much of a sanctuary our homes are. With winter approaching your home curtains play a significant role, not only in the cosy feeling and design, but keeping the heat inside too. Here we will explore the four best curtain designs this winter.

Romo Forenza Shot01_SofaDrape_Portrait_HR.JPG

Luxurious velvets

Velvets have been on trend throughout 2019 within the interior design space, being a popular material for stylish upholstery like sofas, chairs and cushions. Velvet is also an amazing fabric to use for curtains and blinds, not only does it offer a luxurious and warm feeling but it is also a thick fabric that can keep heat in. Turquoises, burnt oranges and deep blues offer a stylish and wintery feel that also adds colour and depth to a room’s interior – as you can see in the Forenza collection pictured above.

Extending velvet curtains from ceiling to floor to match the height of the room will make your space appear larger – a great hack for smaller rooms.


Dark sophistication

Looking to a cooler colour-base and a more glamorous effect we find the Bengal collection, available from Couture Living. This eye-catching design is available in a number of colours. The use of dark fabrics will make any room more intimate and snug, perfect for those rainy winter nights. Meanwhile, the addition of metallic accents interlaced throughout adds a touch of luxury and elegance. This style can also be used to create a focal point in pared-back spaces, completing the room.

We recommend pairing your dark curtains with a lighter wall colour, in order to keep balance as well as emphasise the intricate design. These styles work very well in places where warmth and luxury go hand in hand, such as bedrooms, living rooms or even a master bathroom.


Modernising tradition

Next up on the hot list this winter is pattern, and lots of it. If the idea of hectic designs seems overwhelming, we suggest looking at a soft foliage pattern or a modern take on tradition, such as the Hemingway collection (pictured above). The contemporary geometrics ensure that the look is fresh, while the timeless colours follow tradition and create a chic effect. This opulent fabric works well with most interior schemes, from sophisticated dining rooms to warm, homely living spaces. Meanwhile, the refined colour options mean that it can pair with almost any other shade, from ivory to maroon to navy.

When choosing your new curtains, you must think about the design, colours and function. If you are looking to brighten up a room, keep the fabric light or even transparent, however for spaces where you want cosiness, opt for an interlined curtain that falls all the way to the ground. This will not only create privacy, but also prevent draughts and help to insulate through the winter months.


Warm neutrals

Starting with the ever-popular neutral palette, light creams work really well with darker shades, such as olive green or coffee colours. If your home interiors are already dark or you would like to open up a small room, a light-coloured yet luxurious fabric will create a beautiful balance between space and sophistication. Meanwhile, the use of natural colours paired with woods and other organic materials will create a sense of calm throughout. These shades work very well in intimate spaces that still require light, such as a dining room, living area or hallways, and will create a serene, cosy feel during colder seasons.

Start creating the perfect curtains for your home, or get some more inspiration from the extensive collection of fabrics and brands from Couture Living.