The Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Porcelain Tiles in Your Home

Porcelain tiles have always been considered suitable for indoor use only, due to their vulnerability to water freezing. However, thanks to modern methods of designing and manufacturing, these tiles are now fully suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Porcelain tiles are made of fine clays which are fired at extremely high temperatures. This process makes them less porous and more dense. These types of tiles are less prone to stain absorption and moisture, hence the reason they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you choose unglazed porcelain tiles for your garden or patio, you can benefit from their scratch-resistance and slip-resistance features as well as colourful varieties. On the other hand, if you opt for glazed porcelain tiles, they may not have the same colouration, although they are easier to clean and maintain than unglazed tiles. All in all, these tiles are made from natural products so they are less prone to cracking.

There are many other benefits to porcelain tiles when compared with stone or concrete. The designs of these tiles allow greater flexibility when installed in the patio or garden. The following are the many benefits of using porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor areas:

Recent advances in porcelain tile manufacturing means these tiles can be made with greater thickness. The 2-centimetre tiles are perfect as structural paving slabs and have gained popularity among homeowners. In actual fact, porcelain tiles are more suited for patios than ceramic tiles as they are almost waterproof and benefit from low water absorption. The way these tiles are manufactured gives them a more intricate texture that is identical to stone tiles. Some porcelain tiles look so similar to stone that itโ€™s virtually impossible to tell the difference.

Porcelain tiles can also be manufactured with non-slip textures that can safely be used in wet areas. This is why they are perfect as outdoor tiles, especially for steps. The extra benefit of these tiles is that they come in a variety of colours and just about any size you want.

While porcelain tiles tend to be more expensive than ceramic, they are still much more durable than stone, which makes them ideal for walkways, patios, and gardens. In fact, you could use them anywhere in the house or outside the house. These tiles are known for their low maintenance quality and are ideal for homes with children or pets. Just wash the tiles in soapy water once a year in order to keep them squeaky clean.

With such sleek designs to choose from, these tiles make a smooth transition from one area of the house to another. Because of their tough quality, once you have completed installing them in your patio or home, you wouldnโ€™t need to worry about their colours fading away as these tiles will look beautiful in nearly any setting.

The best thing about porcelain tiles is that they are simple to install. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can complete the project in the fastest possible time. Whether you want to install them in your bathroom, office, garden, driveway, or kitchen, you can be sure of their versatility. As long as the tiles are installed properly, they can last for many years. This will in turn save you time and money in replacement cost. No amount of indoor or outdoor traffic will crack these tiles, but even if damage does occur, they can easily be removed and replaced. In high traffic homes, porcelain tiles are the perfect option as they tend to retain their new appearance. 

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