The Best Luxury Hotels In The U.S. For 2019

If you read through this site’s last look at luxury hotels for 2019, you saw some sensational Mediterranean getaways. And if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, nothing quite beats a great hotel in this part of the world. For a different kind of trip entirely however, you can also look to other luxury hotels around the world. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the top options across the United States that you may want to consider for your 2019 vacations.
The Setai - Miami Beach, Florida

It’s impossible to declare any resort or hotel the “best” in the United States, but the Setai definitely has an argument as one of the most famous. Opened in 2004 as one of the highest buildings on Miami Beach, it remains one of the most exclusive and luxurious. Indeed, to give you some idea of its exclusivity, world-famous DJ David Guetta recently purchased a condo there - for almost $10 million!
Post Ranch Inn - Big Sur, California

It doesn’t get much prettier than this in the continental United States. Big Sur is a famous part of the California coastline with rocky shores but stunning views. And the Post Ranch Inn takes advantage of this setting with incredible accommodations on top of a grassy cliff over the Pacific Ocean. With on-site dining and spa facilities, as well as activities including yoga, guided hikes, and stargazing, it’s the sort of hotel you visit with no intention to step off the property.
Waldorf Astoria - Las Vegas, Nevada

Many assume that Las Vegas isn’t the resort destination it used to be. Casino activity is now spread out across the entire internet, theoretically eliminating the need for a place like Vegas. Yet even there, a popular game called Dream Vegas points out that the world’s casino capital is unrivaled in its glamorous extravagance. Incidentally, there could be no better description of the Waldorf Astoria on the Vegas strip. Formerly the Mandarin Oriental, it’s widely considered the best hotel in town from a standpoint of comfort, luxury, and spa amenities, which is really quite the distinction.
The Langham - Chicago, Illinois

A legitimate five-star hotel right in the middle of downtown Chicago, The Langham is a beautiful, luxurious treat. This hotel blends some vintage atmosphere with the most stylish décor, such that you’ll feel a little bit like you’re being pampered in an old-fashioned British establishment, yet also enjoy open spaces, cutting edge amenities, wide windows overlooking the city, and more. Speaking more broadly, there’s nothing quite like being in a fancy hotel in the thick of a major U.S. city, and The Langham delivers just that. You cant help but feel on top of the world.
Amangiri Resort - Canyon Point, Utah

This is the most unique hotel on this list, and almost looks more like something out of a film than a real place. (In fact, for you James Bond fans, it almost directly resembles some of the sets in Quantum Of Solace.) Essentially a sort of high luxury desert oasis, it’s surrounded in part by canyon walls, such that even stepping out to the hotel pool is like wading into an open-air natural amphitheater. It’s an otherworldly place, and thoroughly deserving of a reputation as one of America’s best hotels.
The Jefferson - Washington, D.C.

This is one pick out of many possibilities. Washington, D.C. is packed with incredible hotels, and many of them feel more independent than the gaudier resort chains you’ll find elsewhere. You can get some idea of the number of terrific options in town from the fact that even a list pegging The Jefferson as the eighth best hotel in town called it a Beaux-Arts stunner steeped in history. Cozy accommodations that feel almost like they could be spare rooms in the White House, an in-house Michelin Starred restaurant (Plume) and a library filled with volumes inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s taste make it a very special place to stay indeed.