The Green Open House

Last week Heart Home attended The Green Open House, which was created by design experts The Joy of Plants to showcase the three houseplant trends for 2015. And what a joy it was! Each room of the house was styled to inspire and demonstrate how houseplants can help transform a home and how different plants can match with interior design.

Unexpected Wild is a trend that calls for natural, weathered, and unrefined materials. 'Simple' and 'natural' are words that set the tone and the plants are likely to be a spontaneous collection; old ones, new ones and some taken from cuttings. Pots reinforce the trend and are either terracotta or transparent glass and there is a real homemade, no nonsense feel.

The Happy Life trend is all about taking a lighter approach to life and creating a playful mood. This point of view results in a room that is cheery and colourful, where everyone is welcome and where the sun always shines. 

Eco Luxe (our favourite), was the third trend and was much more luxurious. Elegant natural materials create an oasis of tranquility. Rough stone, polished wood, and metallics combined with abundant green plants result in a natural contemporary look.

Instagram images in no particular order.