The Importance Of Knowing What You Breathe At Home

Winter is here and we definitely know how to enjoy the season! Not everyone gets to do that though, especially among people, especially children, who have asthma, rhinitis or allergies. 

Often times, we attribute the onset of these conditions to the cold temperature. However, that is not always the culprit. Changes in the temperature of the air we breathe and our habits due to the cold is a bigger cause for these conditions. This is the reason why we need to understand the air we breathe to keep us safe and healthy.

uHoo, an indoor air quality sensor you place at home that helps you understand the air you breathe to prevent these ailments, created the nifty infographic below to give you a better understanding of what goes on in your homes during winter. Check it out and breathe healthy!

Do check out uHoo to learn more about how you can reduce allergens at home and help prevent yourself and your child from getting an asthma, rhinitis or allergy attack this winter season and, of course, all year round. Also get a chance to win a uHoo by joining this giveaway!

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